OpenWebStart configuration


Typically no additional configuration of OpenWebStart is necessary. All required configuration options are already included in the installation package as provided by Mercedes-Benz AG. For more information, see the Administration Guide.

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Proxy server configuration

If you use a proxy server to access the Internet, this must be configured in OpenWebStart:

  1. Open the Windows Start menu and then click on "OpenWebStart Settings":
    Windows Open OWS settings
  2. Then click on "Proxy Settings" and enter your proxy settings. Please contact your local IT department if you require help with this step.
    OpenWebStart Proxy Settings

Unfortunately in all current versions of OpenWebstart the proxy server support is not fully working without limitations. The following list is based on OWS V1.1.4:

  • Option System Proxy: Works, but depending on "PAC based" or "Manual" it has the limitations as described below.
  • Option Firefox proxy: Not tested, as Firefox is not on the list of supported browsers for our applications.
  • Option PAC based Proxy: proxy.pac basically works, but does not support any authentication (NTLM, basic auth).
  • Option Manual proxy: Works, but does not support any authentication (NTLM, basic auth). If you enable the "Manual Proxy Server" option, please also click on "advanced" and activate "Use the same proxy server for all protocols". Additionally "Bypass localhost" must be activated.

JNLP settings in the JVM manager

Some settings, which derive from a standard installation of OpenWebStart are especially important for operation of the Aftersales applications. If you use the OWS installation package offered by us and install it according to our installation manual, then OpenWebStart will use these settings automatically when started. This section describes adjusting the settings manually, in case they must be checked or recovered.
To start the Aftersales applications OpenWebStart must download download a Java Virtual Machine (JVM) and store it in a local directory. In the .jnlp file, which launches the application, we define which JVM exactly has to be downloaded by OWS. Through the following settings we ensure, that OWS always uses the JVM, which we define in the .jnlp file.

  1. Start "OpenWebStart/OpenWebStart settings" from the Windows start menu.
  2. In the "OpenWebStart settings" change to the page "JVM Manager".
  3. In the bottom right corner click on "Settings".
  4. Following values must be set for a correct function:

    Update strategy: "Always download newer version"
    Allow server from JNLP file: [V] (checked)
    JVM Manager settings
  5. Save any changes and close the OpenWebStart settings

For usage of OpenWebStart please continue reading on the User guide page.

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